• Breakthrough discovery OLIVENOL PLUS is the first natural supplement delivering the richest formulation ever created of Hydroxytyrosol and other natural olive polyphenols. SIGVARIS STOCKINGS for Diabetes, DVT, Leg ulcer, Maternity, Lymphedema, Venous disorders.


Since compounding has been more prominent from research, innovative techniques and modern technology we here at Puget sound Pharmacy can make to order the medications of our patients to meet specific needs.


All pharmacists here at Puget sound Pharmacy are trained to perform routine and travel immunizations for adults anytime during open hours.

Medication Therapy ManagementMedication Therapy Management

Some of the services provided here at Puget sound Pharmacy consist of line or telephone follow up, increasing patient motivation, and knowledge as well as behavior modification and patient assessment.

Footwear for Diabetic PatientsFootwear for Diabetic Patients

Puget sound Pharmacy sells online, Dr. Comforts slippers, socks, and shoes that are the highest quality and best fitting therapeutic footwear that’s available.

Puget Sound Pharmacy is patient-focus and we aim to do everything possible to make doing business with us easy.

That’s why we offer “free delivery” to your home or your business. Whether you don’t have transportation, can’t get away from work that day, or simply too busy, Puget Sound Pharmacy can deliver your prescriptions to you.